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Countless individuals grapple with the burden of unresolved trauma and shame, a struggle that inevitably results in mental health challenges and chronic physical issues. The Greek term for trauma, meaning 'wound,' emphasizes the crucial task of healing these wounds at a fundamental level. Reflect on these questions: Are you weary from navigating the density of emotions and physical ailments day after day? Are you ready to embrace a sense of well-being in your body and to feel normal and healthy across spiritual, emotional, and physical realms? This readiness is vital because feeling good and being healthy is your divine birthright. Unfortunately, unhealed trauma and shame act as barriers, impeding the natural flow of your true self—whole, healthy, empowered, prosperous, and fulfilled. By integrating fundamental spiritual principles from the 12 Steps of Recovery, ancient wisdom, widely accepted transformational tools, and the latest findings in brain science, Ester assists her clients and audiences in releasing unresolved trauma, enabling them to awaken and reconnect with their highest, authentic selves.

Video Consultation

Virtual Private Sessions 

There is no greater teacher than one who has walked through the fire and risen to success through their own personal development. Ester has spent decades transforming with the assistance of many great teachers. She has an exceptional gift for building trust through true non-judgment, deep listening skills and devotion to holding others in sacred space. Her divine purpose in life is to support others through her teachings. 

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Trauma Informed
Leadership Coaching 

How do we ensure that our organizations have the skills and resources to navigate trauma effectively? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identifies six guiding principles for a trauma-informed approach:

1) safety; 2) trustworthiness and transparency; 3) peer support;

4) collaboration and mutuality;

5) empowerment, voice, and choice; and

6) cultural, historical, and gender issues. Ester's approach includes these principles and other proven methodologies to assess and guide your organization through challenging times and situations. 

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Speaking Engagements 

Ester blends a unique fusion of trauma informed practices, the latest developments in neuroscience, compassion and song, to delight audiences around the world. This synergistic approach has inspired tens of thousands across the globe to awaken to their authentic selves.

No group is too small or too large, as Ester mindfully customizes and weaves the message for your specific group. Let her joyous and remarkable wisdom entertain and provide you with the healing and support you need!

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