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Compassionate Accountability Training

The Compassionate Accountability: Healing Unconscious Racial Bias Training, is a groundbreaking program that builds on Ester's transformative work of Soul Recovery. By providing a compassionate and skillful approach to addressing the root causes of racial bias, this training helps individuals and organizations unlock a deeper level of awareness and begin the process of healing and transformation. 

Grow Your Vision with DEIB Training

Ester Nicholson is a leader in the field of personal and collective transformation, and the founder and CEO of Soul Recovery. This innovative program provides a roadmap to individuals, groups, and organizations seeking to bridge the gap between their current state and their authentic selves. Through a powerful blend of the 12 steps of recovery, brain science, evidence based practices, and other transformative tools, Soul Recovery offers a comprehensive and empowering path to growth and healing. 


At the core of racial bias lies a spiritual and emotional dysfunction that shapes an illusory sense of identity. This distorted self-image becomes a source of habitual and destructive patterns, resulting in unconscious yet systemic biases that permeate our organizations and communities. Overcoming these challenges requires a society-wide effort to bring awareness and foster genuine transformation. 



At Ester Nicholson's core is a commitment to meeting the unique needs of each organization she partners with. This training illustrates how the 12 Steps of Recovery can be employed to address issues well beyond addiction and dependence in the traditional sense. This training will present concepts and practices that recovery professionals can immediately implement in their current efforts towards diversity, equity, and inclusion for leadership and staff. 



By focusing on the following objectives and strategies, organizations can work towards uncovering and addressing unconscious bias while promoting a culture of compassion, accountability, and inclusivity.

  • Define unconscious racial bias


  • Explore and implement approaches that foster awareness, responsibility, and empathy in addressing and eliminating racial bias


  • Practice Compassionate Accountability strategies to eradicate systemic racial bias 


  • Describe three ways Compassionate Accountability can be implemented throughout the organization


  • Demonstrate the components needed to provide an environment of cultural humility


  • Reduce stress, confusion, and resistance for staff regarding DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) trainings


  • Emphasize the importance of taking responsibility for mistakes, acknowledging blind spots, and actively working to rectify them, focusing on growth, learning, and improvement rather than shame


High Watch Recovery Center Professional


Ester Nicholson's Compassionate Accountability training provides a unique 12-step and trauma-informed approach to DEI, unlike any other method we have encountered. Ester asks all of us to unpack our racial trauma and to connect in mutual compassion and vulnerability. Through Compassionate Accountability, we have a doorway into the deeper levels of hurtful, discriminatory behaviors, beliefs, and narratives; she arms us with the tools to shine light on their sources and effects. Ester's perspective has informed our approach to very sensitive, heated, and painful topics that once felt untouchable.

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