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Compassionate Awareness:

Addressing Racial Bias and Cultural Trauma For Client Care


Compassionate Awareness is built upon the foundation of Compassionate Accountability: Healing Unconscious Racial Bias training.

This program delicately and thoughtfully addresses the underlying triggers of racial bias.

Some may question the timing of addressing stigma and racial bias within the initial 30-90 days of treatment. How does racial bias relate to the progress and healing of our clients? The answer lies in a profound interconnection. When our clients grapple with either overt or hidden racial biases and cultural traumas, they inadvertently erect barriers against their authentic selves, silently hindering the potency of their own journey toward recovery.

The Compassionate Awareness Training is a collaborative program designed to assist clinicians in broaching this sensitive topic with their clients. It encompasses virtual training sessions for clinicians, a facilitator guidebook, a client workbook, and videos to seamlessly integrate this training into your current program.

It is an honor to stand alongside facilitators, clinicians, and healers, hand in hand, as you guide your clients through the transformative journey of Compassionate Awareness and healing.


In 1986, as I embarked on my personal recovery journey, I had little awareness of the hidden layers beneath my struggles. It would take years of dedicated self-work to uncover the deep-seated racial biases and cultural traumas that had been silently shaping my life. It became clear that these issues played a pivotal role in my recurring emotional setbacks. A critical aspect of my recovery had remained unexplored: unconscious racial bias and cultural trauma. Through my own transformative journey, I discovered and embraced the powerful tools of Soul Recovery and Compassionate Awareness, which significantly enriched the quality of my recovery.


Consequently, my mission has crystallized: I am committed to ensuring that those we serve are equipped to confront their own concealed prejudices and cultural wounds as essential elements of their path to recovery.

Mere intolerance for racial bias within the behavioral health care industry is insufficient. In today's world, we are called to actively address the deep-seated origins of such biases within our clients and foster their comprehensive recovery by tending to the very roots of racial bias within them.

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