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Recovering, Rediscovering & Reawakening Your Authentic Self

Greeting friends, It is with great pleasure and promise that I introduce my book, Soul Recovery to you.

This is my gift to you - a  gift of love and hope that was freely given to me over many years of discovery. 


The history of the Anonymous 12-Step recovery program has been one of inspiring examples of success, combined with a very high rate of failure and recidivism. To be fair, the program was created for a very different time and a very different sensibility.

As we expand the application of the 12-Steps beyond substance abuse, we must remember that its original and core design was as a spiritual process. In these times, with cross-cultural beliefs and ideas, the challenge and opportunity is finding best practices in word and concept for the world we live in today. Soul Recovery takes the essence of the 12-Steps and incorporates widely-accepted spiritual practices with a deeply compassionate approach designed as an ongoing spiritual practice for living In wholeness.

Ester Nicholson's Soul Recovery unlocks the patterns of dependence as they show up in substance, food, relationship, behavioral and other areas of life. Through examples and daily practices, Ms Nicholson reveals the keys that saved her life and the spiritual technology that can carry you to your healing, your power and your dreams.

The Soul Recovery process works deeply with life patterns to create a soul-centered awareness that is so profound that dependence and problems are dissolved in the face of it. While Soul Recovery uses the language of those suffering from addiction, its lessons and practices are universally applicable to people of all ages, in all walks of life and experience.

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