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“Having been a professional singer for the better part of my adult life, with a fair amount of success, I think I know when I hear an original voice. Ester Nicholson has all the essential qualities of greatness. A unique tone, wonderful phrasing, emotional flexibility and passion.

In a nutshell the girl’s got soul…” – Rod Stewart

Ester's musical journey commenced the moment she entered the world, born singing. From the age of four to seventeen, she showcased her vocal prowess as a featured soloist in her minister father's church choir. Her musical prowess extended to commanding the attention of 20,000-strong audiences at Madison Square Garden and other prestigious venues. Ester's artistry includes performing duets and providing background vocals alongside legends like Bette Midler and Rod Stewart. Her vocal contributions also graced tracks by Beyoncé, Faith Hill, Barbara Streisand, Al Green, Carol King, and many others. Beyond her performances, Ester passionately imparts the transformative power of music in her training and speaking engagements. Her well-received CD, 'Child Above The Sun,' serves as a testament to her enduring love for music, where she pours her soul into every note.”


It is a source of great honor for Ester to have been featured on incredible talk shows like The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, The View, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Oprah, sharing the stage with globally acclaimed artists Bette Midler and Rod Stewart."

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