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“Ester, your words sneak in past all my objections, cynicisms and suspicions to find my wisdom mind and heart, and seep in there...crack, shatter, I feel old stuff breaking off and falling away. Yours is the voice I hear now. And I think...maybe there's a chance for me to heal. Yes. Thank you, thank you. I am filled with gratitude for your voice, for every message, for every word...” - private client


Ester Nicholson Featured on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday

"In Deep Shift" with Jonas Elrod

Ester Nicholson will be the featured subject of “In Deep Shift,” Jonas Elrod’s new hit program on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). The 30 minute program will feature Ester, her daughter Shawtee and other influential people in her life, tracing the extraordinary, transcendent journey from cocaine addiction and domestic violence to self-realization as a therapist, teacher, public speaker and author of the “Soul Recovery” dependence healing process.

Please tune in to the OWN Network RE-BROADCAST on March 15th at 12:30 Noon Eastern/Pacific time, following the Super Soul Sunday program. Please see for more details.


Resentment – The Number One Killer

Ester's Blog

I thought for years that if I didn’t have the mother I had, I wouldn’t have been so screwed up. If I had boyfriends that were true and honest, I’d have felt loved. If I hadn’t gotten pregnant at sixteen, I’d get to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. These mental chains held me in a self-imposed prison until I decided to set myself free through forgiveness and taking responsibility for the part I played in my own life.

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Is Your Inner Child Choosing The Love of Your Life?

Ester's Blog

What part of your consciousness is doing the choosing when it comes to the intimate partnerships in your life? Is it the inner wounded child (who can only attract another wounded child) or the emotionally balanced and mature adult.

Bet you've never thought about that, have you?

Well perhaps from a place of self-forgiveness, compassion and microscopic honesty, it's time to give this question some deep and serious thought.

In this past year and a half I have had the opportunity to heal the deepest pain I've ever experienced in my life with the exception of my father's transition when I was sixteen years old - so you can imagine...

But the gifts I've received from asking myself the hard questions, contemplation, meditation and forgiveness have been priceless - and because of the gifts I've received, I wouldn't change my journey for anything in the world.

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